Volunteer Training


Want to increase your skill set? We offer training sessions and workshops to volunteers each year.


Each year, we partner with Trail clubs and government agencies to conduct workshops for current and new volunteers. Workshops cover basic maintenance, sawyer certification, rock work, winch skills, wilderness first aid, environmental monitoring and more.

Leave No Trace Master Educator Course - Gatlinburg, Tenn.

  • Dates: 07 – 11 Aug, 2019
  • Location: Gatlinburg, TN
  • Address: 199 Soak Ash Creek Rd
  • Contact: Chloë de Camara
  • Email: [email protected]

LNT_classThe Appalachian Trail Conservancy is offering a Master Educator Course in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!  The most visited National Park in the country, we ask what better place is there to learn how to educate the public about minimizing our impact? The Smokies host some of the greatest examples of biodiversity in the world and can be found within the wildlife, fungi, plants, and organisms. Come experience the wonder of some of the oldest and wisest mountains in the world, which will show you an impressive amount of biodiversity that will leave you in awe.
This 5-day course is designed for individuals who are actively teaching others back-country skills or providing recreation information to the public. Through classroom discussion, lectures, and a 4-day backpacking trip, participants will receive an in-depth and hands-on study of the seven principles and wildland ethics, and learn a variety of ways to share and disseminate low-impact recreation skills to other visitors.  
Cost: $630 for Appalachian Trail Conservancy members, $580 for A.T. Trail Club Members and Agency Partners and $700 for all others. Fee includes instruction, curriculum and teaching materials, a one year Leave No Trace individual membership, and meals during the course.
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Trail Safe

Trail Safe! is a unique safety program designed specifically for National Park Service trail volunteers. It's based on NPS Operational Leadership Training, where the human factor of safety is explored. 

The following eight lessons should be watched in order. The sessions range from 18 minutes to 40 minutes, or can be "binge watched"in 3 hours. Please report Trail Safe! training completion so we can send you a certificate and SPE/GAR Card. 

#2 Effective Leadership (20 minutes)

#4 Mission Analysis (28 minutes)

#5 Stress and Performance (27 minutes)
#6 Situational Awareness (16 minutes)
#7 Decision Making (13 minutes)